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Personalised number plates supplied to the open market on retention certificate ready for immediate transfer. All charges included no hidden costs,
QUICK tansfer guaranteed (as little as three days) we do all the work .
Some of our actual plates can be seen in the  image gallery.

If you dont see the exact  number that you require send us an email
and we will endeavor to find an exact match or a close resemblance
of your choice.We offer an agency service and auction buying service
with a very low fee.

We will always consider offers on any of our plates individually
or as a group as long as they are serious and made with candour.

We also offer plates on behalf of clients on our website for a small fee.
(email for details.)

We can also list your automobillia on a hold till sold basis for a one of 
payment and refer any questions direct to you (email for details)